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Violeta Bra




I miss my metro stops daydreaming
in the tube of the subconscious
and wake up waiting
on the automatic steps which
tick to the time on my mobile.

Love rushes by in pics of the past;
black against the backs of their reflections.
I sink into the temporary scenes
like dreams; People pass, sit down and laugh.
Men stare with eager eyes, but mine
are lost in space- in the spaces
between them.

I go over the lesson in my head
like a dead person, mind subdued;
nothing new in this daily bread.
His love was but a window fleeting past,
not made to last too many stops.
But my dreams are like the wind,
they howl into each hollow corner. 

It’s just a dream now don’t
mistake it for your life!
I say to my best friend that
girl who stands at the end
of the metro lost
in her own thoughts- daydreaming. 

But she looks down into the gap
we have to mind on the underground:

It’s deep and dark and horrifying.


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